What are the qualities of a great athlete?

“Conceive Believe Achieve Soccer”, a company that specializes in conducting high school team camps, posted these thoughts on it’s web site:

CONFIDENCE:  An athlete displays a quiet inner confidence based on preparation…Confidence is a belief based on your daily work habits and the resulting continuous and constant progress made. This kind of confidence is contagious within a team, built as athletes subject themselves to tough challenges and practices, learn the value in hard work and discover the ability to problem solve on their own. These athletes develop a positive attitude, become unafraid of failure and remain confident when faced with adversity. They prepare hard every day.

TEACHABLE SPIRIT: Athletes want to learn and improve. They bring enthusiasm to daily work and strive for continuous improvement every day. They have learned to take correction as a compliment and to look at correction as an opportunity to improve.

PRIDE:  The pride of an athlete is a shared one. It is found in the team spirit that is shared only by those who have prepared together to pursue and achieve a common goal. It involves accountability, dedication and unselfishness. Team pride is developed in parts of the game that require more effort than skill, where determination is more important than talent.

ACCOUNTABILITY: The athlete is responsible and demonstrates it when he or she accepts personal accountability for what happens to him. When things are not going well, he or she looks within first to see what he or she can act upon to make a difference. The athlete desires to be a part of the solution instead of dwelling on the problem.

COMPETITIVE PERSEVERANCE: The athlete and great teams are not deterred by bumps in the road. Since the athlete is committed to continuous improvement, he or she can recover quickly from a mistake and refuse to remain discouraged. Positive, competitive, persevering athletes are “mentally tough”, a quality that allows an individual to remain confident, enthusiastic and focused in the face of adversity. The athlete with a competitive spirit welcomes challenges and looks forward to the toughest competitions as tests of themselves and their team.

DISCIPLINE is nothing more than focused attention and effort. To be successful individually or collectively, sacrifices involving discipline must be made. Great athletes not only accept discipline, they embrace it for the benefit of the team.  Discipline is exhibited by being attentive, enthusiastic, always displaying sportsmanship, demonstrating respect for authority and taking personal responsibility.

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