Time Management Tips for High School Athletes

The life of a high school student-athlete is not easy.  There’s so much to juggle: school work, sports participation, social activities, college prep, family commitments and somehow finding some time for rest.

An article on the Louisiana High School Athletic Association web site, provides valuable tips to help a high school athlete in the area of time management:

•  Spend less time on social media.  The article suggests spending one hour less each day on social media and using that time for something that’s important that day.

•  Spread out the work.  Don’t automatically put off assignments.  Analyze the work that you have to do and divide into daily segments—do a little each day rather than cramming everything the night before it’s due.

•  Use a calendar/organizer.  Use a printed or electronic calendar to stay organized.  A tool like Google Calendar allows you to sync your activities to your smart phone and can even send you text reminders.

•  Plan ahead.  If you know you’ll miss class and/or a test or assignment because of sports, talk with your teacher to plan how you are going to make up the work or missed time.

•  Make a weekly agenda.  Set deadlines on a daily basis to make sure the schoolwork gets done.  If you have an event on Thursday, for example get your work done on Tuesday or Wednesday.

•  Use your weekends wisely. Sleeping late and hanging out with friends is necessary.  Still, make sure you carve out time to get a head start on next week’s assignments.

•  Turn off your phone during study time. Studying and homework require your full attention. Don’t be distracted by your phone.

• Learn to say no. Know your limits, and only sign up for what you feel you can handle. Becoming too involved in extracurricular activities can sometimes make your grades suffer.

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