Reacting to a Bad Call

Athletics can teach many life lessons. Greg Covi, a blogger with Momsteam, offers insights on how to be an example for your teammates in reacting to a bad call by an official. He suggests that three lessons can be learned:

Lesson Number One: Don’t let it hurt your performance going forward. Bad reactions to bad calls have turned close games into runaways. Players and coaches who let errors corrode team morale enhance the art of resentment. And resentment can spread from benches to stands, resulting in poor sportsmanship all around.

Lesson Number Two: Learn how to remain focused. It’s easy to begin to dwell on the bad call. But if players can quickly transition to the next play, they will have more success. There should be an act of acceptance and moving on.

Lesson Number Three: Life is not always fair. That’s a bone crusher of a life lesson, but properly handled, it instills a balanced worldview on the part of your teammates.