Performance is Fueled by Your Outlook

An athlete’s performance athletically is keyed so much by how he or she is feeling mentally.  An article on the web site offers five points to emphasize to your athlete so that they are mentally ready to perform at their best.

Display mental toughness: Mental toughness is the ability to perform to your full potential under pressure while remaining calm.  It is also the tirgger that allows an athelete to bounce back from mistakes or a defeat.

Set specific, measurable goals: The article advises athletes to set goals because they give you the blueprint for your training and preparation. Many of the goals should be tied to training, such as striving to achieve your dead lift maximum by the end of the season. The athlete should also establish long-term process goals. An example of a process goal is committing to work hard every possession.

Stay Focused: An athlete must have the ability to block out all distractions. Staying focused is also a way for you remain motivated for peak performance.

Believe in yourself: The article defines this as "having self-confidence, being prepared for any situation, and having a passion to achieve your goals."

Display great work ethic: The article says that work ethic is "related to perseverance, resilience, and dedication in everything you do. Regardless of your natural gifts and abilities, the work you complete in the gym and in the classroom is paramount to success both in sports and life."

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