Opportunities Exist for Playing Sports—Maybe More than You Realize

The average sport-recruiting budget for most college coaches to find athletes nationwide is less than $2,000 per year.  Almost 90% of all opportunities to play college sports are not at NCAA Division I level.

There are over 2,000 colleges with athletic programs out there.  You probably have not heard of most of them, and most likely, they haven't heard of your son or daughter.

There are many possibilities for your athlete to play college sports, but you may need to be the ones to initiate these opportunities.

John Scott of Athletic Quest has produced a series of information videos on the recruitment of high school athletes from the perspective of the parent and athlete, including one on "College Recruiting Signs & Signals" and one on "How to Court the Colleges That Court You."  Click here to watch these and other videos.


John Scott is president and CEO of ATHLETIC QUEST as well as a two-time former college coach and college athlete.  ATHLETIC QUEST is a group current and former College Coaches that guide College Prospects. The company’s web site, www.athleticquest.net, offers a free player profile form and a recruiting E-book with tips on college recruiting.  You can also contact the company by calling (801) 253-3360,


Editor’s Note: Athletic Quest has released a Free E-Book called “How to Get Recruited.” This E-book will help you benefit from the collective knowledge of an entire team of college coaches and decades of college recruiting experience. Included in this E-book is information on:

• Misconceptions about college recruiting

• How to know if you’re good enough to play in college

• How to get seen by college coaches

• Choosing a college – four key areas to consider

Click here to learn more about Athletic Quest