A Code of Conduct for Parents to Follow

Parental support is paramount to the success of high school and youth athletes.  Here are key elements to consider for a "Code of Conduct" that parents of athletes should follow.  This is an excerpt from the Coaches' Guide to Team Policies published by the American Sport Education Program (ASEP).



• Act respectfully in both victory and defeat.

• Try to use positive words when discussing my child’s performance.

• Respect the coach.

• Speak respectfully about athletes, coaches, and officials in front of my child.

• Avoid using profanity or abusive language or gestures at sport activities.

• Speak to officials or opposing players, coaches, parents, and fans only if needed and with respect.



• Encourage my child to attend school and to maintain academic eligibility.

• Consider whether the coach should be aware of any change in family circumstances that might affect my child’s punctuality or attendance at practice or games.

• Encourage my child to take care of the team uniform and equipment.

• Support the coach’s decisions on disciplinary action; seek to discuss with the coach any disciplinary action involving my child. Caring

• Encourage my child to cooperate with teammates in practices and games.

• Encourage my child to lead a healthy lifestyle and to be fit and healthy enough to participate in sport.



• Be honest with the coach, the school, medical and support staff, and recruiters.

• Encourage my child to be loyal to the team.



• Encourage my child to play fairly within the written rules of the sport.


Good citizenship

• Encourage my child to strive for excellence.

• Support the team’s rules on tobacco use and substance abuse.


To read more about Parental Code of Conduct policies, read more from ASEP's Coaches' Guide to Team Policies.