5 Things Sports Parents Should Not Ignore

By Janis Meredith

Sports parents, I’d like to challenge you with a word for this new school year. The word is: Choose. You have a choice to make when you respond, react and re-adapt to whatever a new season throws at you.

Will you make Choose your word for being a sports parent this school year?

  • Choose to let the coach do his or her job without your interference.
  • Choose to let your child fight his own battles without your rescuing him.
  • Choose to say positive comments from the sidelines or bleachers during a game or event.
  • Choose to thank the coach and officials for their hard work.
  • Choose to not complain to the coach when your child sits the bench more than you think he should.
  • Choose to not get into a shouting match with that annoying parent who thinks his kid is God’s gift to youth sports.
  • Choose to not take it personally when your child is grumpy after a game and takes it out on you.
  • Choose to ask your kid questions like “How did it go?” instead of “How many points did you score?”
  • Choose to not talk down the coach or other team players, especially in front of your kids.

This year in youth sports, you will literally have hundreds of opportunities to Choose. No one is making you react or respond in a way that is ugly. That is a choice you can make.

Choose gratefulness.

Choose positive words.

Choose to see the big picture of youth sports.

These choices have the power to turn your season around, making it a positive growing experience for your child no matter what he faces.

Choose to be a positive sports parent and make a difference in this youth sports culture gone crazy-–one parent, one team, one league, one season at a time!


Janis B. Meredith, sports mom and coach’s wife, writes a sports parenting blog called jbmthinks.com. Her new book 11 Habits for Happy and Positive Sports Parents is on Amazon.  This article originally appeared on USA Football.com.  Click here to read the full article, or go to the USA Football website.